No problem, it’s very easy and the costs are very low. I will show you the different local bus companies with their itineraries and schedules on Rhodes. It is so easy to take the bus in the north of Rhodes, all you need is patience. There are many car rentals all over the island, particularly in Rhodes Town, Faliraki, Lindos, Afandou, Ialyssos and in other tourist spots.

Tickets can be purchased from the bus station kiosk as well from mini-markets and other kiosks. In Rhodes Town, local buses leave from the urban bus stop on Mandraki Harbour. Bus 11 makes a circuit around the coast, up past the aquarium and on to the Acropolis. Bus 2 goes to Analipsi, bus 3 to Rodini, bus 4 to Agios Dimitrios and bus 5 to the Acropolis. Want to travel around the island of Rhodes by bus? Check this link for bus timings.

There is a sign on the roof of the taxi that says “Taxi”. The main taxi rank in Rhodes Town located east of Plateia Rimini. Fixed prices for travel to certain destinations. is the complete travel guide of Rhodes island. It contains all information about beaches, attractions, activities, transportation and all you need to know about exploring Rhodes island. Welcome to Rhodes, a medieval treasure beautifully preserved throughout the centuries.

Take a guided tour or explore the city at your own pace, with round-trip transportation from Rhodes by boat. As it is a quick way to get comfort to your hotel or a nearby beach. Please note that taxis cannot take you to many destinations. You will be driven to the nearest gate and dropped off. Some five star hotels offer golf cart transfers.

During the summer months the buses are frequent and you should see one pass every 15 minutes or so. The bus stops on the streets are marked and are not difficult to miss, but do not hesitate to signal a bus driver that you wish to board. At most bus stops there is an English translation beneath the Greek so you will know what you are waiting for. Schedules are posted beside the ticket kiosks at each terminal or you can download the free Rhodes Transportation App, see details below.

Board a traditional boat for a boat tour along the beautiful coast of Rhodes. Snorkel and swim in 3 bays, and admire the island views. Enjoy a buffet lunch and unlimited drinks during the cruise. Between midnight and 5 AM you can expect to pay twice the normal rates. You can book ahead to avoid delays at high traffic times such as weekends. Rhodes is a big island with a lot to see and the best way to explore Rhodes is by car, motorbike or quad.

Bicycles are a great way to get around and have independent transportation that doesn’t cost much money! Below are a couple of popular bike shops in Memphis, be sure to ask around to see where other students have gotten their bikes or if they know someone that is selling. Public bus stop in front of the terminal building. I would recommend car rentals, especially now the prices are slightly cheaper. Unfortunately October is not included in the summer timetables of the local buses, so assume that buses will be much less frequent from October onwards. Bus tickets are more expensive than the 3 euros mentioned by Mhche.

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