Readers’ Comments on Micropayments

But consumers are growing increasingly wary of tech companies that depend on selling data in exchange for advertising dollars at the expense of privacy and personal data control. Zong mobile payments was a 소액결제 정책미납 that charged payments to users’ mobile phone bills. The company was acquired by eBay and integrated with PayPal in 2011.

25But again the barriers to entry are high and the vendor base is limited. 12 shows yet another implementation of a dual-payment single-card enablement computer system 800, in the case that the interchange network 25 needs to account for all transactions, both micro-transactions and macro-transactions. Interchange Compliance Module 840 is added to system 800 to trigger a transaction 845 via Acquirer 35B containing data representing a cumulative amount of micro-transactions that have been previously carried out via data communication protocol 350. The Interchange compliance module acts as a merchant POS module in order to initiate a payment transaction which is authorized and settled through the payment network. This module ensures that all funds drawn from the card account are actually processed through the payment network.

Choice and quality are key to micropayment’s success in the downloading of individual works. Differential viewing schemes offer great promise for micropayments if customers are guaranteed that they can rely on the quality and relevance of articles for which they are paying. With trusted systems in place one could envision a pay-per-print system, which eliminates the risk that makes consumers wary about paying for information the may not be able to use. Users could search to their heart’s content to find useful articles, and even read them online, but to print or save the file a viewer would have to make a 10 cent micropayment. Done in large volumes this could net significant returns for online publications.

This would avoid a user paying for a page on which he clicked by accident. Of course, mechanisms also need to be foreseen at that moment to avoid abuse of this refund mechanism (e.g. users or bots quickly downloading the page and afterwards closing page, allowing them to capture the content but still get a refund). Charging for use may place a burden on lower socioeconomic classes and change their Internet usage habits.

Cryptolope, which is opened and used only by a trusted software of hardware module . An important technique to detect unauthorized use is by watermarking or fingerprinting a document, to establish ownership or identify source of unauthorized duplications . Another relevant issue is access control to the content , and there are others. The Point Of Service Capability data element is used to indicate the capabilities of the point of service, such as, for example, the presence of a wallet, the version number of the http protocol re-direction capabilities of the POS, etc.

Huge amounts of payments appearing in customer account history, making it difficult for the user to find relevant information in his account history. A PFM solution correctly categorizing and allowing easy filtering of micro-payment can give a solution here. E.g. allow a user to get a refund if he closes the browser window within 15 seconds.

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