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When you’ve ruled out one of your notes, click on it again in the Notes box. Narrowed it down to a couple of numbers but still not totally sure? Click the numbers you want from the Notes box.

Follow the clues to solve this logic puzzle about the Happy Town’s ’60’s Club. Have fun solving this logic puzzle about weight loss and teddy bears. Jorge, Karl and Eric have forgotten about Valentine’s Day and have had to buy a last-minute gift.

Five college friends start talking about where they were born. Using the clues, figure out which horse scored which point, in what order it was viewed and the color of the horse. Harold invited 4 friends to get together for new years eve and have a small party. Help him determine some information about his guests. Learning a new language is a challenge the local college takes seriously.

In each puzzle you are given a series of categories, and an equal number of options within each category. Your goal is to figure out which options are linked together based on a series of given clues. Each puzzle has only one unique solution, and each can be solved using simple logical processes (i.e. educated guesses are not required). Sokoban is one of Japan’s oldest and most popular puzzle video games.

You can always teach them how to solve logic grid puzzles, starting from easy ones and making your way to hard logic puzzles. You can easily access them from various platforms providing maths puzzles for children 3. Whether you’re making a crossword puzzle or a maze, it’s tempting to try to do the hardest logic puzzle to challenge your players. But resist this and instead, choose a difficulty level less than what you think your players will enjoy. The key to making a great puzzle is not to make it impossible to solve but solvable after some thought and effort. Do you know what’s more fun than playing word games and logic puzzles?

As an academic discipline, logic is the study of reasoning. Logic puzzles, therefore, involve making a series of inferences and assessing them using reasoning. Easier logic puzzles for kids tend to have simpler setups—and therefore fewer possibilities to examine and eliminate. Harder logic puzzles for adults, however, are often deceptively short.

But by reading through the clues several times, you’ll have fewer and fewer possibilities to analyze with each pass. Great for new players and children, or seasoned players who want a quick game. As well as a free puzzle every day, this fully functioning version has thirty-five graded puzzles included and no ads. As always, there is no guessing required, just logic. Smart Hints suggest a new square and explain which clue applies and why, based on your current solution . You can have a good time with your kids by using MentalUP’s free online logic puzzles.

Figure out which sibling performed which task. Five roommates eat breakfast at different times in the morning. Follow the clues to determine what each one ate. Every year, just before Christmas, 4 friends get together and decide what they can do to help some of the needy families in town. Figure out which family each one is sponsoring this year. Yesenia, Savannah and Adam share the love of music, but not the same style.

Our company is located in US and established on April 2013. Our goal is providing best games with best user experiences. We recommend the MentalUP which is developed by academicians and pedagogues and is filled with educational brain teasers. If you throw me out the window, I’ll leave a grieving wife.

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