Supporting information is presented lower in the copy

Unless you’re prepared to invest several hours into scanning hundreds of pages in the AP Styleguide, it’s easier to review the most common best practices for AP style. When it comes to content marketing, best practices typically revolve around numbers, dates, citations, capitalization, and headlines. Secondly, content marketers can benefit from the “inverted pyramid” approach of AP style. The most important information is presented first, in the lead or introduction. Supporting information is presented lower in the copy, and the least important details are always included last.

Remember that a press release is designed to create publicity for your organization. A journalist who wants to write a news piece after reading your release will do research into your competitors if necessary. Of course, it is OK to mention partnerships with other organizations if they are pertinent to the item that you’re announcing. Including the wrong information in a press release can be off-putting to your readers. To keep your readers engaged, be sure that you’re making only one announcement per press release. For example, if your organization is introducing a new product line and holding an upcoming special event, avoid putting both of these items in one press release.

The top of a press release is premium copy space and should be reserved for attention grabbing copy such as a headline and lead paragraph. The headline, separated by one space, should follow the title of a press release. If at all possible, it should contain no more than ten words. The first letter of each key word should be capitalized. Articles, conjunctions, and prepositions should be capitalized only when they occur at the beginning or end of your headline.

With the “inverted pyramid” thought process, printers could simply cut off the bottom of a story if it didn’t fit in the allotted column. A blended approach to learning and teaching also makes it possible to do justice to the concept of inter-disciplinary teaching and flipped learning methodologies. The recently announced National Education Policy, 2020 emphasizes on the inclusion of technology in the learning pedagogy to provide more holistic experience to the teacher and students. Browse through the gallery below to see press release examples, formats and features. Scroll down to see a list of standard and available press release features plus additional resources. Business Wire formats and displays your press release for maximum effectiveness, making it easy for your audience to find, see and share your news.

You need to get all the key information into the first paragraph of a press release. The test of success is whether the story can be understood in its entirety just by reading the first paragraph. If you don’t get the words right first time, keep trying

Companies use a new hire press release to announce essential leadership changes. Typically focused on high-level executives, this type of press release summarizes their professional accomplishments and offers biographical information. Event press releases should also contain all the necessary information like the venue, the featured guests or speakers, the highlights, the pricing, and the date.

Some broadcast news outlets have discouraged the use of video news releases because of citing a poor public perception. It could also be viewed as a desire to increase their credibility. This is a template for Wikipedia press releases from the Wikimedia Foundation communications team. Every press release contains six distinct parts that must be written in a specific order. Including all of these parts is essential to clarity and efficacy. Check out this template for a working example of how a press release should be formatted.

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