Mercari to establish a center of excellence

Furthermore, Mercari has been able to empower its sellers by allowing anonymity while at the same time creating accountability through a mutual review system. While e-commerce platforms typically have reviews of the sellers, Mercari also requires sellers to rate the buyers. The biggest difference between Mercari and the other C2C online marketplaces that existed prior to it in Japan is that it was created specifically for mobile phones. The auction was initially designed to be used on computers, Mercari is a mobile-first service that has tapped into a significant pool of Japanese women and the younger generation who only carry mobile phones, and do not own personal computers. Japanese e-commerce company Mercari, Inc. announced on Wednesday it will establish a center of excellence in Bengaluru.

The company expanded so soon in the international market due to high funding (raised $75 million in Series D funding). The India Centre for Excellence will provide tech support to these businesses as well. Mercari’s Centre of Excellence in India will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mercari, Inc. led by Ken Wakasa, Managing Director, along with Mohan Bhatkar, Head of Engineering, and Junichi Nozaki, Head of Corporate.

High above Tokyo’s fashionably grungy Shibuya alleyways and Roppongi’s party-weary streets, brightly-colored helium balloons fill the air over desks in the offices of the e-commerce darling. They are “welcome” decorations, each bearing the name of a new recruit. In the six months through March, Mercari’s staff increased from 100 to 150. The company also has 120 members based in Sendai, a northeastern Japanese city struck by the massive earthquake and tsunami of 2011. Mercari, founded in 2013, debuted on the Tokyo Stock Exchange last year and is best known for a smartphone app that allows people to trade used items online.

Takuma was Japan’s first mobile marketplace app focusing on beauty and fashion. It has become a popular destination for customers and sellers who wish to trade peer-to-peer products quickly and easily. The platform has become one of Japan’s most famous flea markets, thanks to minimal fees and a platform that can be accessed on desktop and mobile devices. Mercari, Inc. is a Japanese e-commerce company founded in February 2013. It is currently operating in Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Mercari created Mercari Shops in response to the acceleration in e-commerce volume globally due to Covid-19. Offline businesses are now taking increased interest in selling online, said Mercari. After a couple of years in 2016, Company reached the $1 billion mark and became Japan’s first startup to gain unicorn status. This was a very big achievement in the startup community of Japan inspiring the people to come up with more innovative ideas.

As a part of the KDDI, Wowma enjoys the benefits of being widely promoted to mobile users in Japan. Owned by Soft Bank and Chinese brand Alibaba, Yahoo! Japan, including its Auction and Shopping arms, are stand-out leaders in the Japanese online marketplace sector. Yahoo! Auctions Japan is a part of Yahoo! Japan’s diversified online portal. The site offers categories including computers, home appliances and AV, music, books, video, games, antique collection, fashion, beauty, home, and a whole lot more. Ken Wakasa, Managing Director, Mercari, Inc. says India will continue to remain a key focus area for Mercari, given the “highly qualified and vast talent pool” that is available in the country. He says Mercari has been actively recruiting from India and at present, “roughly 50% of the engineers” at Mercari’s Tokyo office comprise non-Japanese engineers.

Mercari Group is a Japan-based corporate group operating in both Japan and the US under a mission of “create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell.” Mercari Group operates several businesses. The first is Mercari, Japan’s largest marketplace app allowing anyone to enjoy easily buying and selling items from their smartphone. Additionally, the Group offers Merpay, a simple, entirely in-app payment service, and Mercari Shops, an e-commerce platform for small businesses. Most recently, the Group established Merlogi as well, as a new company to bring greater innovation to the logistics industry going forward. Phil was recently acquired by Rakuten and fused with their flea market app forming Rakuma.

It’s no wonder, therefore, that mobile commerce brought in $12.8 billion in revenue last year. According to Rakuten, mobile transactions account for more than 30% of overall sales. Fashion, toys, athletic goods, electronics, and other items are divided into categories.

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