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There will be a planned 8-hour downtime on Sunday, August 14 starting at 10 am CEST; 4 am EDT until 6 pm CEST; 12 pm EDT. During this time, Answers and blogs will function but subscription-related features, such as following a tag, will not function. MeWater Foundation works to address adjustments of trauma and stress in young people from backgrounds of poverty and violence by providing a different way of relating to the world and… Girl Ventures inspires girls to lead through outdoor adventure, inner discovery, and collective action. Directory of Open Access Books is a joint service of OAPEN, OpenEdition, CNRS and Aix-Marseille Université, provided by DOAB Foundation. Enjoy access to millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and more from Scribd.

We’re a team of scientists, designers, and technologists passionate about helping ideas grow. Accessible reliable and fully described experimental data is critically lacking in the materials/mechanics community to validate accurate predictive models. Community-driven developer resource directory, gone social. for eg: discuss how personal choice can enhance your safety when exercising

This will allow us to assign values from the cats and dogs data to the same template variables, as opposed to using if statements or two separate templates . Eleventy allows node module.exports within the _data directory. That means we can create a function that finds all cat files and another that finds all dog files and then creates arrays out of each set. It’s like taking each cat file and merging them together to create one data set in a single JavaScript file, then doing the same with dogs. Email addresses and phone numbers are rendered to facilitate touch to call on mobiles and email messages on all devices. Address information is rendered as a pin on Google Maps in a sidebar widget.

The Greening Youth Foundation’s mission is to engage under-represented youth and young adults, while connecting them to the outdoors and careers in conservation. GYF’s cultural based environmental education programing engages children from local communities and exposes them to healthy lifestyle choices in order to create an overall healthy community. GYF believes that youth and young adults from diverse backgrounds can greatly benefit from the career opportunities presented within the state and federal land management sectors. Accordingly, GYF continues to develop and strengthen partnerships with land management agencies to provide service and internship opportunities for youth and young adults thereby creating pathways to conservation careers. Over the course of 18 months, the diverse community teams piloted the model, with the NAM as a facilitator. At the time, the pilot project was referred to as the Enhanced Incubation program.

Before we pass Go and collect $100, it’s a good idea to revisit the first post and make sure we’re prepared to start taking user submissions. For example, we ought to add community health files to the project if they haven’t already been added. Perhaps the most important thing is to make sure a branch protection rule is in place for the main branch. This means that your approval is required prior to a pull request being merged.

If a nearby chapter doesn’t exist, you can apply to create new GDG chapter in your city. See what it takes to be an organizer at Google Developer Groups Organizers. Learn about a range of technical topics and gain new skills through hands-on workshops, training, events, talks, and meetups, online and in person.

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