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The flag is flown continuously on the buildings of the highest national authorities, such as the parliament and the presidential palace. Other institutions and many Polish people fly the national flag on national holidays and other special occasions of national significance. Current Polish law does not restrict the use of the national flag without the coat of arms, as long as the flag is not disrespected. Grunge brush blot isolated on grey background vector illustration.

In the Council of the EU, national ministers meet regularly to adopt EU laws and coordinate policies. Council meetings are regularly attended by representatives from the Polish government, depending on the policy area being addressed. Flags of Poland are available to buy online now in a range of sizes including wavers, table flags and flags for flagpoles. All our Poland Flags are 100% Premium Polyester suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

According to Polish flag tradition, it is meant to be flown by Polish ships at sea, Polish diplomatic missions and other official institutions abroad, and at special events. The national flag of Poland is simple in design but still strikes a certain level of pride for many Polish citizens all over the world. Poland has a national holiday for the flag – Flag Day, May 2nd, is a holiday set aside to celebrate the raising of the red and white flag in Berlin after the battle of Berlin. A variety of polish flag are defined in current Polish national law, either through an act of parliament or a ministerial ordinance. Apart from the national flag, these are mostly military flags, used by one or all branches of the Polish Armed Forces, especially the Polish Navy. Other flags are flown by vessels of non-military uniformed services.

Poland’s official crest is a white eagle with golden beak and talons, its head poised to the right, and set against a red shield. The eagle first appeared on coins minted in the 12th century and subsequently on the heraldic seals of the Piast dynasty. Toward the end of the 13th century, during the reign of Przemyslaw II, the Polish eagle was depicted with a crown. Indonesia and Monaco, in fact, have the same flag as Poland, just inverted. The Coat of Arms Act says that everyone can use Poland’s flag as long as it’s done respectfully.

It shows off its history, its pride and strikes a particular emotion into the heart of every Pole. It uses the same colours as the flag and was made famous by Polish Fighter Pilots during the Battle of Britain. You read earlier about cockades, the piece of ribbon tied to a soldier’s hat during battle. While Poland had a National Cockade act that defined when and where cockades were to be used, it didn’t specify the exact colour of red that had to be used. It’s not clear why Poland didn’t have her flag modified to include some form of socialist imagery, but officials changed the Polish Coat Of Arms. In one of the most humiliating acts in the county’s history, the Polish Eagle had its crown removed from it’s head.

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