Weber BBQ

Weber accessories allow you to do more than the stereotypical BBQ foods – impress your friends and more importantly love what you are cooking. George Stephens Snr looked for a way to prevent all of his BBQ problems by creating a lid for the barbecue, without smothering the heat. A light bulb moment sparked and he came up with the World’s first Kettle Barbecue – made from two halves of a marine buoy with holes drilled in the bottom for air circulation. His idea was met with huge enthusiasm and soon he was selling his product, The Weber Original Kettle to family, friends and neighbours. He did not envisage quite the success that followed – becoming the synonym for BBQ across the World.

The SmokeFire has flavorizer bars like the Spirit grills, and there’s a SmokeBoost option to infuse an extra dose of smokey flavor at the beginning of a cook. With the ability to fold flat, the Traveler is the ideal gas grill for folks who are always on the go. Despite its small size, its grilling surface can hold up to 15 burger patties at once, perfect for quick solo meals or family gatherings. Its convenience factors — like one-handed setup and automatic lid lock — make this the ultimate on-the-go grill. Traeger®️ pellet grills offers a smoky flavor to your meal, from a mildly sweet aroma using cherry pellets to a heavily smoked mesquite wood pellet.

Fill the chimney starter with briquettes and soon after you’ll hear the… Create your account and enjoy a new shopping experience. Here we BBQ’d ribs using the Method set at a temperature for the majority of the cook at 160C. When you buy a weber bbq you will have peace of mind that you are getting a premium product backed up with an incredible warranty.

Since 1952, all Weber grills have been made in the U.S. The brand started in Illinois, and Weber continues to make its grills in Huntley, Illinois, while they’re designed and engineered in the Chicago quarters. At you will find a wide range of all kinds of grills among top manufactures. BBQGuys does more than test and sell grills — we show you how to use them, too. Our experts provide the recipes and skills you need to be a grill master.

We are located at Edapally – Padivattom NH Bypass in Kochi, next to Tanishq jewellery and near to Oberon mall. Please visit and experience a totally redefined luxury shopping experience at our store. The versatile, 2-in-1 design of the Gourmet BBQ System Poultry Roaster empowers you to barbecue your bird and sides at the same time.

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