7 Tips to Ace Your Mobile Game Launch in Thailand

Role-playing games or RPGs include the sub-genres of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) and multiplayer online role-playing games (MORPGs). According to the same Rakuten Insight survey, nearly 34 percent of respondents from Thailand stated that they prefer to play role-playing online games. Take the first step towards embracing a brighter future free from addiction by calling the specialists at our ufabet game rehab. We’ll be more than happy to discuss our capabilities and facilities as well as how we can tailor a bespoke addiction treatment for you. Often, admitting you have a problem with gaming or recognizing signs of a gaming disorder in a loved one can be challenging.

The 42matters Explorer enables you to browse the global app market, with insight into publisher details, app metadata, performance metrics, technical insights, and more. The Diamond Rehab Thailand was born out of a desire to help people recover from addiction in a safe, low-stress environment. In addition, Esports, a competitive form of gaming has become very popular and is expected to grow more as evident by forecasted report. The report suggested that by 2023, there will be a total of 646 million Esports personnel and the industry will be worth US 1.56 billion [19]. A summary of previous studies that have been conducted on gaming addiction is presented in Table 1.

These are available on iOS and Android, Xbox One, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Windows and Mac platforms. At our gaming rehab, we boast the most advanced treatment facilities to help you give up your gaming disorder for good. Located by the coast on the beautiful Thai island of Phuket, we’re not just a ufa game addiction rehab – we offer our guests a tropical retreat in paradise where they can enjoy extensive ocean views and amenities ranging from 5-star restaurants to spa treatments. Excessive gaming may be the result of the gamer being absorbed in the state of flow of the game because of the enjoyment that they perceive. Games also make players want to experience the joy of finding new and different experiences inside the game [24]. Of Wan and Chiou [25] study on continuous flow and psychological motivation found that there is a positive relationship between the state of flow and excessive gaming.

Surprisingly, inconsistent with the findings of Ng and Wiemer-Hastings [30] and Hussain and Griffiths [31], for neither gender did such relationships show a positive relationship with gaming addiction. This means that young gamers do not play games because they want to necessarily spend time with others online and create personal relationships, implying that they still prefer the “offline,” real world method of creating and maintaining relationships. Finally, a negative relationship was found between gaming addiction and quality of life. This indicates that excessive gaming has a negative effect on physical health and mood as well as behavior. Youngsters’ academic performance in school also tends to decline as do their relationships with their family and friends.

Nonetheless, the characters in video games portrayed by the media are mostly male characters, therefore giving the impression that male players dominate the video game space and ignoring how femininity is also represented in video games [39]. Based on the review of the literature, we propose the research model and hypotheses as shown in Figure 1, comparing gaming addiction and quality of life among male and female adolescents. After the economic bubble burst in the late 1990s, almost all Internet-related industries, with the exception of the computer game industry, online games, video games, and portable games, experienced a recession [1].

Most Thai users move from being mobile-aware to being mobile-first in their thought process and online actions, making mobile a great first choice for an advertising channel for developers. Foreigner business operators can conduct all of above-mentioned activities either by (i) operating domestically through a subsidiary or branch office, or (ii) operating offshore but outsourcing certain supporting activities, such as marketing, to Thai companies. An in-game ad tends to create less disruption and generates positivity among passionate gamers who will do whatever it takes to fulfill their enjoyment. And the next move for a brand is to join them and create a lasting relationship. The onset of the pandemic boosted it further with gamers in lockdown and 2020 saw THB100 million in gaming revenue from 32 million Thai gamers (Newzoo, April 2021) and THB12.9 billion in e-commerce gaming revenue, up +25% from 2019 (Hootsuite, January 2021). The language translation industry is constantly evolving as technology advances and new platforms emerge.

By doing so, they are able to forget or at least lower their stress and are able to detach themselves from their problems. There was a positive relationship between competition and gaming addiction for males, but for females this was not supported. It can therefore be concluded that males play games because they have a strong competitive nature and want to prove to others that they are the most skillful and the fastest at the games they play, which gives them a sense of satisfaction. The popularity of gaming has greatly increased, especially among children and adolescents. As such, spending too much time playing games has become a serious issue and may have adverse effects on the quality of life of adolescents. This paper is aimed at identifying the factors and degree of influence that leads to gaming addiction and its impact on the quality of life of Thai adolescents.

Other types of games on mobile and tablet platforms include arcade games (reaching 80.7 million gamers per month), adventure games (reaching 69.8 million gamers per month), and puzzle games (reaching 54.5 million users per month). It is also interesting to note that that 92 percent of mobile and tablet games are available for players to download and install for free [7]. Along with browsing and instantaneous communication with friends, parents, and others, high-speed Internet has greatly increased the popularity of online gaming, which has become an important part of the lives of many young people [3].

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