Shocking Relationships Of Anna Delvey With Celebrities

She became incredibly rude and hostile to his team members when they questioned her for payment. anna delvey with celebrities But who knows – maybe footing Anna’s hefty bill was the catalyst that pushed Billy into his crazy Fyre festival plans. While Anna didn’t know Billy too well, she was close with members of his team. They vouched for her when she requested to stay at Billy’s expensive vacation home.

Kent also convinces the people in Anna’s life to let her into theirs by framing herself as just another hustler looking for the next great story. But as Neff Davis recalled, she was initially wary of real-life Pressler, whose résumé included a story about strippers that became Hustlers starring Jennifer Lopez. Only after meeting Pressler—so pregnant that she couldn’t see her feet—did Davis notice the softer, motherly side of the reporter, convincing her to go on the record. For a show named after one person, Inventing Anna is really a story about many others, or rather, the effect con artist Anna Sorokin had on them.

From an entertainment point of view, having the villainous figures everyone recognises telling the story is far more exciting than a a neutral point of view which holds them at arms length. Fly-on-the-wall footage and on-camera interviews with Delvey and guests promise new dimensions to the myth (and the grift) that is the SoHo icon. What is abundantly clear before the show airs, though, is that Delvey is probably the most successful of the 2010s scammers — Elizabeth Holmes, that Fyre Festival guy, and the “Varsity Blues” celeb fraudsters (to name a few) more or less don’t have jobs anymore. Meanwhile, Delvey has both a successful art business and a reality-TV deal. Six weeks later, Delvey was arrested by immigration authorities for overstaying her visa.

She scammed multiple hotels, banks and people in the process – and was on the brink of securing a multi-million-dollar loan for a new private members’ club, not dissimilar to Soho House. Delvey was the focus of Netflix’s hit nine-part series Inventing Anna released on February 11. The mini-series biopic was based an article by journalist Jessica Pressler titled ‘Maybe She Had So Much Money She Just Lost Track of It,’ published in New York magazine in May 2018. While the 31-year-old won’t be able to update her one million Instagram followers on her daily ankle-bracelet wearing days — that is until, her immigration case has been settled — she has been hard at work planning invite-only dinner parties.

“”And obviously, I have like very limited opportunity to communicate with people and only have access to my social media. So I’m very excited about this project.”” “Each dinner will welcome VIP attendees including well-known founders, influencers, media, and celebrity talent friends,” the email sent to Eater read. She’s out on a US $ $10,000 (AUD $13,500) bail bond and is under strict home arrest — which includes no social media posting “either directly or by a third party” and approval for all visitors. Despite not being allowed to post on social media for the last 11 months, Delvey has had no shortage of publicity thanks to the media interest around her situation – and the fabulous outfits she’s been rocking on the way to her scheduled appointments.

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